Benefits of Video Marketing For Dentists

Video instantly brands your practice as professional, patient-focused and modern.

“Axonn Research found seven in 10 people view brands in a more positive light after watching interesting video content from them.” – The Guardian.

Because most dentists still haven’t caught on to the power of video, you can easily appear as the market leader in your locality when you use video.

As well as being the most popular format for web content, video is also the most compelling: with video you’ll be better able to connect with your patients and build the 3 cornerstones of online marketing: KLT – being Known, Liked and Trusted.

Video is also a great source of traffic: as well as your video appearing in YouTube’s own search results, it’s also far easier to rank on page 1 of Google than a regular web page. (An oft-quoted piece of research from Forrester claims it’s 50 times easier to rank a video on page one than a text-based page…) That means that you can get an easier page 1 ranking if you don’t already have one, or add a second ranking and attract even more traffic from page 1 if you’re already appearing on page 1.

Videos also provide the additional benefit of safe but powerful links back to your website to boost your overall SEO results in the search engines.

As well as ranking well on Google, video listings actually stand out from the regular text-based search results: attracting more attention and clicks than your competitor (even if they’re ranking higher up the page than you.) When you take a look at the search results on the right, where is your eye immediately drawn to?

By using videos in this manner, you could be attracting a disproportionate number of clicks to your business.

How you can use video

Videos are versatile and can be used in a variety of online channels. You can add your videos to your website, use them to attract visitors on social media channels, and rank them in the search results on Google, Yahoo, Bing and YouTube.

You can use video to:

* Answer frequently asked questions about your services in dental practice videos

* Introduce staff members and show the human side of the practice

* Educate patients on new treatments

* Show treatment results

* Showcase customer reviews and testimonials

* Advertise your practice (think TV-style adverts)

Or all of the above!

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