Website SEO Service

Want to get the lion’s share of the people looking for the services you offer in your area? Our SEO service is just what you need…

We’ll get your site to the top of the search results for the services you want to sell…

And, even if you’re already on the first page of Google, there’s no good reason to stop there – the #1 result gets twice as much traffic as the #2 spot…

And we can help get you multiple rankings for the same keywords…

How Can SEO Help Our Business?

SEO enables you to:

> Get a steady, predictable flow of traffic to your website – resulting in more calls and appointments

> Appear at the top of page 1 for your premium products or services

> Brand your business as the leader in your area

> Attract clicks to your website at a much lower cost per click (CPC) than paid advertising

> Dominate locally


Some Real-World SEO Results

If you take a look below you’ll see the website traffic data from one of our client’s Google Analytics accounts.

Using the numbers from the image on the left as a baseline (we started our SEO the following year) by the end of Year 1 we’d increased the number of visits (“sessions”) by 4,954 (+66%) and the number of visitors (“users”) by 3,329 (+62.8%).

A year after that, sessions were +139% and users +127% – that’s well over double the amount of traffic coming into our client’s business – and all achieved with our website SEO service…

Traffic Increase Year 1: +66%

Visitor Increase Year 1: +63%

Traffic Increase Year 2: +139%

Visitor Increase Year 2: +127%

What you’ll receive:

To start we’ll do an analysis of the opportunities in your area and find out how difficult it is to beat the competition. Then we’ll report to you (there’s no charge for this)

We’ll then work out with you which targets will offer you the best return on your investment: usually these will be searches for your premium services.

Our mission with our SEO service is to deliver a 10x return on your investment and we’ll take you through exactly how we’ll do this for you when we go through your free SEO analysis.

You’ll then receive our proposal and pricing (this differs depending on the level of competition and the size of the local market so we price on an individual basis) and can then decide whether to go ahead or not.

If you decide to go ahead we’ll:

> Optimise the pages on your website to rank higher

> Optimise and interlink your social media profiles to give your online presence a boost

> Create citation links (business profile/directory links) to help power your Google My Business profile

> Create high quality/high power links to push your site up through the rankings

From there you’ll see your site start to rise to the top on Google and will notice a greater number of phone calls coming in about the services we’re targeting for you…

And once you’re at the top we’ll consolidate things for you and continue to target other services until your business is dominating locally.

How to get started

Contact us and let us know what you’d like to order and which payment option you prefer: PayPal, credit card or bank transfer/standing order.

We’ll be in touch right away with a quick questionnaire for you to complete (only takes a minute or two) with your details (your business name, website URL, special requests, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this risky? Could it get my site in trouble with Google?

No – the SEO methods we use are “white hat” (i.e. legitimate) and are actually all based on what Google itself has recommended (high quality content, fast-loading web pages, etc).

What’s more, this approach – built as it is on strong fundamentals – will help place your site above competitors, especially those opting for gimmicky, “flash-in-the-pan” SEO methods that Google has become so skilled at spotting…

As well as all the extra leads and phone calls you’ll be getting, with your site getting stronger each month, it’ll become more and more difficult for your competitors to catch you.

How many clients do you work with in each town/cityarea?

We work on an exclusive basis with only one SEO client in each area for as long as we work with them.

This is because our objective is to get you to position #1 on the top page of Google – and there’s only room for one!

Who does the SEO work?

We have our own team of SEO professionals will do everything needed to get your site to the top, even if you’re facing stiff competition from another business.

With one of the best SEO teams in the world, and access to other top specialists via the SEO mastermind groups we belong to in the UK and across the world, we’re confident that we can rank you for anything you’d like to go after.

Are there any keywords you can’t rank?

Theoretically, we could rank you for any keyword you’d like to pursue but sometimes it doesn’t make sense to go after certain keywords because they can’t/won’t produce the economic benefit we’re looking for.

That’s because the keyword either has no “buyer intent” (i.e. people searching are just looking for information on a topic) or because the costs of ranking for that keyword would make it unrealistically expensive to go after.

For example, it’s better to target a local/city keyword than a national one.

For example, a Birmingham-based dentist would be better off ranking for “Invisalign Birmingham” (an extremely competitive and lucrative keyword we’ve actually successfully ranked a client for) than simply “Invisalign” (a national keyword) – that would be exponentially more competitive and also less useful to a dentist who only wants to attract people from in and around Birmingham…

For most business owners, local keywords are both easier to rank for (and therefore cheaper) and also produce more sales than national keywords.

How long will my rankings last?

Your rankings and the extra leads they generate for your business will last as long as you use our SEO service – and with a significant return on your investment each month, you’ll probably want to stay with us forever!

How many keywords can we target?

We can target as many keywords as you’d like to but more keywords typically cost more money, especially if you’re in an area with a large population and/or lot of competition.

A good way to get started is to pick just a few keywords and let us rank you for those. This means you don’t need to start with a huge investment and when you have additional income coming in from the sales that traffic generates, you can reinvest some of it into ranking for other keywords.

How do I know if SEO will be worthwhile or not?

We’ll tell you! (and show you the data to prove it).

We wouldn’t work on SEO targets that can’t produce a positive ROI for you as it would be unethical.

If you’re not sure if SEO will work for you, get in touch and request our free analysis – we’ll check everything for you and then show you the data so you can have a think about it and decide if it makes sense for your business.

How much does it cost?

Prices for our SEO service start at £500/month.

What if my competitor is already doing SEO?

We’ll make sure you outrank them!

As well as having our own in-house SEO team, we’re also in regular contact with many of the top SEOs in the world through (expensive!) mastermind groups which enable us to stay at the forefront of what’s working now in SEO.

Got other questions?

Get in touch and let us know how we can help you.