In this quick case study we’re going to show you how we generate an average of 42.5 phone calls per month for one of our clients – Diana Dental in Stoke on Trent.

Not only that, many of these calls come from videos that are about premium treatments such as Invisalign and dental implants…

The process

In 2014 we were hired to create some videos for Diana Dental.

We recorded 16 x short 1-2 minute videos on a variety of topics from Invisalign braces and dental implants to diet advice and dermal fillers.

In order to make sure we could evaluate the success of the video marketing campaign, we set up a special call tracking number that we used just for the videos. (A tracking number is a dedicated phone number that can be forwarded to any other number – such as the main practice number – and which allows us to see where the calls are coming from).

To ensure we only measured calls that originated from the videos, the tracking number wasn’t used in any other of the practice marketing (website, print, social media, etc).

This number was added to the YouTube details for each video and also appears in the videos themselves (see image below) instead of the main practice phone number:

Using the tracking number we’re able to see exactly how many phone calls come in from the videos, how long each call lasts and the phone number of the caller.


In this chart you can see the number of verified phone calls coming in to the practice each month from Dec. 2014 to Mar. 2017:

Total calls from start of campaign to end-February 2017: 1,191 calls

Monthly average: 42.5 extra calls/month

Yearly average: 510 extra calls/year
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Why video marketing works so well for dentists

 Video positions you as a leader in your field

* Helps you stand out from the crowd – in Diana Dental’s case, no other local competitor uses video

* Video helps build a connection with prospective patients better than any other form of marketing

* Video is the most popular format for web content (expected to reach 82 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2020)

* Videos not only show up on Google, but also in YouTube’s own search results

* Each video can rank for a number of keywords (for example, Diana Dental’s Invisalign video appears in Google’s top 10 results for “Invisalign Stoke on Trent,” “Invisalign braces Stoke on Trent” and “Invisalign clear braces Stoke on Trent”)

* You can use your video on your website and social media pages

* Enterprise search provider Attivio found that pages with video attracted 2-3X as many monthly visitors, doubled time on site, and achieved a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines (MarketingSherpa)

* Videos stand out in the search results thanks to their accompanying “thumbnail” images – attracting a greater proportion of clicks than the other (purely-text) listings (see image below)