Blogging Service for Businesses

Every week our professional writers will create unique content for your blog to help you achieve your business goals.

Either tell us what topics you’d like us to write about or leave that to us. (We can also advise you on what content will bring in the most traffic from Google or strengthen your SEO at no extra charge.)

How Can a Blog Help Your Business?

A blog helps you:

> Educate your clients about your products/services and business news

> Answer their questions and deal with common concerns

> Position your business as proactive and customer-focused

> Build a connection with both clients and prospects

> Attract more traffic from Google and boost your SEO results

Increasing Website Traffic With Blog Posts

Here’s the Google Analytics data for just one of the blog posts we uploaded to a client site last year:

As you can see the page was viewed 559 times (“Pageviews”) during the year – not bad for a single page…

And – even better – this post was solely responsible for bringing 431 visitors into the site (“Entrances”)

Just imagine what you could do with a new blog post going onto your site every week…

What you’ll receive:

> 4 blog posts per month – 1 per week

> Your content will be written by our professional in-house content creation team

> Each post will be 500 words or more – you decide the topics of leave it to us

> Blog posts will include beautiful, professionally-shot (and licensed!) images


How to get started

Contact us and let us know what you’d like to order and which payment option you prefer: PayPal, credit card or bank transfer/standing order.

We’ll be in touch right away with a quick questionnaire for you to complete (only takes a minute or two) with your details (your business name, website URL, special requests, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you post the content to our blog?

Posting new content on your site is covered under our website maintenance plan.

If your site isn’t covered by this option, we’ll send you the blog content (text and images) each week to you by email for your web staff to upload for you.

How long will the blog posts be?

Each blog post will be at least 500 words long. We find this length allows us to go into enough, satisfy Google’s ranking criteria and still be being easy for your patients and prospects to consume.

What will the blog posts be about?

It’s up to you! You can tell us what you’d like to write about, give us some general guidelines, or just leave it up to us.

All the content we write will be:

  • Delivered in a “professional but approachable” tone
  • Useful to your clients/prospects
  • Interesting
  • Perfect for positioning you as the leader in your area
How is the work delivered?

Your blog posts and images will be delivered to you by email. If you’re on our website maintenance plan, we can post your new content to your site for you.

Who creates the blog posts?

Your blog posts will be created by our professional in-house writers and designers.

What happens after I purchase?

You’ll receive a brief questionnaire where you can fill in the info needed to get started. It’s all very simple and only takes a couple of minutes.

If you’d like to have chat on the phone with us about this service before or after you’ve signed up, that’s fine – we’re here to help you!

How soon can you start?

We can start posting your blog within 2 days of the receipt of your payment.

How much does it cost?

Our blog post service costs £200/month.

Got other questions?

Get in touch and let us know how we can help you.