Overview: in this article we’re going to take a quick look at how blogging can boost your SEO results – making you more visible to prospective patients and attracting more leads (and at the end you can see some real world results that show just how many people a single blog post can bring in…)

We all know the value of being on page 1 of Google: that’s where a massive 92% of clicks are made when people are searching for information, products and services…

While many dentists use SEO services to get their main treatment pages ranking on page 1 – raising awareness of their practice and bringing in more leads – the really clever ones are also using blogging to take their SEO to the next level…

Here are 3 ways blogging can help boost your SEO results and bring in more business:

1. Attracting links

Links from other sites is one of the main ways Google decides whether your site is any good or not. They’re kind of like votes on the quality of your site…

Enough links from powerful “authority” sites like Wikipedia can give your whole site a rankings boost and propel your pages towards the top of page 1.

But first you need content that these authority sites can link to, and that’s where your blog comes in…

The more content you have on your site, and the more detailed that content is, the greater the possibility that other websites will link to you.

2. Bigger is better

Site size is one of the key ranking factors Google uses to determine how high up the search results your site should go. And blogging helps flesh out your site.

All things being equal, Google will rank a larger site higher than a smaller one because it considers them to be more authoritative.

So get blogging and you’ll soon see how much those extra pages help!

3. More “hooks in the sea…”

When you write a blog post, that post becomes an independent web page that Google can rank for specific keywords that your patients and prospects are searching for…

If you write a blog post on the “cost of Invisalign + YOUR CITY” or other treatment (very common search phrases) there’s a good chance that your blog post will rank in the top 10 when people search for that locally…

Once they click on your page’s search listing on Google, they’ll be on your site where they’ll have chance to browse around and find the content and special offers you really want them to see…

Just to show you how powerful blog posts can be, here’s the data from just one blog post that we uploaded to

Here’s the Google Analytics data on just one of the blog posts we uploaded to one of our clients’ sites last year:

As you can see the page was:

Viewed 559 times during the year (“Pageviews”) – not bad for a single page – but, even better, this post alone was solely responsible for bringing 431 visitors into the site (“Entrances”)

Just imagine what you could do with 1 or 2 blog posts going onto your site every week.


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