Some emails subject lines get considerably more opens that others. The objective of the subject line is to get the email opened, nothing more. Making promises we can’t keep, or being overly sensational will cause antipathy and result in unsubscribes.

Your task is to know which these are and utilize them and reject the urge to get clever and try and use clickbait and other tactics that may in fact work against you. It’s far better to deal in truth, and utilize proven subject line types that employ sound principles to get your emails opened. Here are 7 of the top opened types of email subject lines.

7 Email subject lines that consistently get higher open rates!

Emphasize Benefits: You need to tell the reader what they get out of this: everyone wants to know this. Injecting a solid benefit in your subject line, usually with an implied promise of some kind will work wonders for your open rates. One example could be “Create a second income stream in less than 30 days!”

Questions: Asking a question subliminally begs a response. “Do you enjoy working for your boss?” will often produce an emotional response that will get them to open and read on.

How-To: Information is golden, and assuming your audience is the least bit interested in your subject, many will want to find out “How to make a Killer Bacon Omelette in 7 Minutes and 15 Seconds!”

Targeted: If you can target by either name or particular interest, you’ll cut right to the chase: “Only open if you’re an investor sick of paying too much for trades!”

Use Lists and Tips: Providing quick research for people is a proven winner, and will get you great open rates. “7 Tips and Tricks for Ditching Your Lousy Job”

Superlatives: “Fastest”, “Easiest” and “Best” when used in your emails are among the most opened subject lines you’ll find. NO one wants to spend time separating the wheat from the chaff.

Answers: Often email subject lines that provide answers for common questions in your market are top openers. “10 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Paid What You’re Worth!”

Give some of these types of subject lines a chance and see if your open rates don’t soar!